Thursday, December 22, 2011

Minilyric, Display MP3 Lyric On Android Smartphone

How To Display MP3 Lyric On Your Android Device ? 
Minilyric now, not only can be used on any PC or netbook. but now can be used in your android gadgetMiniLyrics for Android is an application used to looking at the same time displaying lyric when you play music files that fit perfectly with the timing (depending on your chosen lyric) on Android gadgets you have.

With this Minylyrics, you can sing with the following lyric displayed by MiniLyrics. All of your favorite songs lyric will automatically come out, because MiniLyrics will download the file automatically lyric of the song which we play. But unfortunately if you want to use this software you must be connected to the Internet network at first use to get the lyric of the music you play.

how to install :
  • Download file MiniLyrics for Android. You can download here 
  • Connect your Android gadget with your laptop or PC. 
  • Copy Files Minilyrics.apk into one folder on your Android gadgets. 
  • Disconnect your Android gadgets with your laptpop or PC. 
  • Look Minilyrics.apk that you copied earlier, then doublle click Minilyrics.apk and select install.

link to download minilyric for android (. apk file) here

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  1. Can you tell me how to play a specific folder in minilyric? I tried and seem no option like that and I have to play all or 1 album or 1 file.